Custom Furniture—Robotic Furniture Is Here to Give Your Apartment the Futuristic Makeover It Needs
(2017/6/19 9:32:25)

Robotic Furniture Is Here to Give Your Apartment the Futuristic Makeover It Needs

Anyone who lives in a small apartment can agree that it’s tricky to create a well-designed space. Even when you’ve embraced convertible furniture and tried all the small-space hacks in the book, it can still be a struggle to turn your bedroom into a living room, into a workspace, and back into a bedroom. Well, now imagine you could do all that with the push of a button. Yes, that’s right — the future is now! At least, it is for those of us who live in an apartment the size of a closet and want to try out some robotic furniture from Ori.Apartment Furniture.

The best part? You can incorporate this futuristic magic into any apartment space and you don’t even have to lift a finger. The Ori furniture is all flat-packed and can be installed right into your old studio apartment by the Ori technicians. Just plug the system into an electrical outlet and you’re ready to get your small space party on.
The Full System features a full-size bed that transforms from a decent-sized bedroom to an office space, and then to a living room. And these aren’t just sliding doors and walls — at the push of a button, you get a closet with tons of storage space and a full media console in the living room. The Queen System is more luxe and features a walk-in-closet, a sliding queen-size bed, and even more storage.

Are you ready to embrace the robotic furniture?

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